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Serve your audience with an interactive quiz

How do you gain valuable information about your audience and easily provide them with content to suit their individual needs? An Interactive quiz. Using quizzes on your website is such an effective way to engage with your visitors and capture sale leads. And let’s face it, who can say no to a fun quiz? This […]


Azalea Design Co. – Brand & Website Reveal

If you have been following along with Azalea  Design Co. then you will know that we have been going through some slight changes, some design related. First of all we have transitioned away from Wix and started using Showit 5 for our website. (If you are reading this, then our new website is live! So go check it out and let us know your thoughts!)

As the business is starting to grow, I also decided to refine our business strategy and define on our ideal client.So with these very exciting changes, it only felt right to redesign Azalea’s branding to reflect our new vision.

Obviously, here at Azalea we believe that branding is the foundation of every business. So this was a must!

First of all, let’s talk about the inspiration. To me, Azalea is a creative company who works with ambitious women and helps their business bloom. I wanted my brand to truly reflect this and appeal to my ideal client. It was important for my brand to include aspects of nature and ‘blooming’ elements. After all, Azalea is a flower

So I based the branding inspiration on an image of a cherry blossom tree. A gorgeous and serene blue backdrop with a blooming pastel pink cherry blossom. I wanted my brand to be bold but also have feminine touches.

Without further ado, here is Azalea Design Co.’s brand reveal!


The biggest logo design mistake you can’t afford to make

I get it, branding can be a completely foreign language to most business owners. You know that you need a logo so you’ll either end up paying for a cheap one from a freelancing site or decide to design one yourself. If you are at the stage where hiring a brand strategist just isn’t in […]


Get more done & stop procrastinating with calendar blocking

One of the biggest motivators for me, in my business is a busy calendar! I know this may stress and overwhelm some people, but hear me out.   There is nothing I love more than organisation, okay, well maybe there is but when it comes to business and projects, organisation is where I really shine. […]


The Social Boss Co. – Website Reveal

I had the pleasure of connecting with Kristy Marshall over at The Social Boss Co. She told me that her Squarespace website design had been in the pipeline for months and she had spent so much time trying to figure it out and do it herself. However, being an entrepreneur means having a busy schedule […]


How to prevent & overcome mental burnout as a creative entrepreneur

Whether you are a creative entrepreneur or a side hustler, you are probably very much aware of the dreaded burnout .   As entrepreneurs we are ambitious, we love taking action and are determined for our dreams to come into fruition. That is what makes us entrepreneurs. However I feel like we have all got […]


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